Cactus Print Credit Card Keychain Wallet


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If you do not want to carry a robust wallet that makes your pockets or bag heavy, then go for this lovely and unique Cactus Print Credit Card Keychain Wallet. It is a very pretty wallet with a modern cactus print style. You can discreetly put it in any of your pockets, so no worries about heavy pockets ever again.

Made of faux leather, this cactus print styled keychain wallet has a zipper closure and a perfectly great size of 4.72″ (length) x 3.34″ (width) x 0.19″ (thickness). The leather is water-resistant and the clip key chain is very durable. There are a total of 8 card slots and a bigger pocket for paper money, coins, or notes. That makes it a very practical small wallet to have. The holograph will reflect many beautiful colors when exposed to light, so it is an ideal gift for your wife, girlfriend, or friend.

Besides being very functional and practical, this ultra-slim wallet is designed to keep your ID and credit cards safe and protected. Small and fashionable, the Cactus Print Credit Card Keychain Wallet will meet all your needs and is perfect for daily use. It can be neatly stored in any bag, purse, or jacket, so you will not even feel it wherever you go.

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