Cactus Print Car Floor Mats (4 Pack)


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Everyone wants his/her carโ€™s interior to look clean and beautiful. It can only happen when you correctly select the car floor mats that protect the car against mud and crumbs. These cactus print car floor mats can do this job for you. These waterproof car floor mats are made of long-lasting polyester fabric cactus print material. They have a beautiful print design that enhances the beauty of your carโ€™s interior. Besides the beautiful cactus print design, they provide excellent protection to the vehicle against mud.

You will get a set of four (two front and two rear) floor mats in a single package. You can easily install these high-quality mats to change the look of the interior within no time. These cactus print mats have a universal size that perfectly fits most of the vehicles, but make sure to check the dimensions before installation.

These floor mats have an anti-slip rubber backing, thus keeping the carpets securely in place. In this way, you will remain comfortable with these mats. So, you can maintain the interior of your car clean and beautiful using these cactus print car floor mats.

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